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Master Your Pre-Order Potential

Assassin's Creed IIIPre-ordering video game is big business these days as retailers team up with publishers to offer you little bonuses with purchase when you reserve a new upcoming video game.  The problem is that each retailer has its own deal, so while you may want to own all of the content that, say, Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed III has to offer, you'll instead have to choose between the special weapon from Amazon, the exclusive mission pack from Walmart, the extra multiplayer character from Target, a different exclusive mission pack from Best Buy, and so on.  Keeping track of all of your options is maddening.  What's a potential customer to do?  Turn your attention to my pal David Oxford's new project, The Pre-Order Blog, in which all of these offers are tracked by title, tagged by retailer, and listed in order to ease your reservation decisions.  The site is just getting off the ground, so content is a bit limited as of this writing, but I hope for big things from it down the line.  If we must deal with these kinds of incentives and the terrible choices that come with them, we should at least be as best informed as possible.