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EvilCast Recap - Episode 143: SpoilerCast: Spec Ops: The Line

EvilCastHere it is at last!  It's a podcast event weeks in the making!  I sit in with my pals over at the Games Are Evil EvilCast show — Blake Grundman, Keri Honea, and Ross Polly — to discuss the complete details regarding the mindbending storyline of one of my recent favorite video games: Spec Ops: The Line from 2K Games and Yager Development.  We analyze every major plot point and dig into the game's multiple endings to see how they hold up to scrutiny and backtrack to watch for foreshadowing and telegraphing.  If you only listen to one podcast about the brutal twist within Spec Ops, make it this episode of the EvilCast.  We also cover some of the news of the week (all of it bad as studios close and companies implode) and I also talk a bit about Nintendo's recently released New Super Mario Bros. 2Head on over to GrE to download the show and spend a little time with us.