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Club Nintendo Offering Gold Nunchuk

Gold NunchukIf you have a gold Wii Remote that came with the special The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword bundle and have wanted a gold nunchuck accessory to match it, then you'd best get over to Club Nintendo right now and order the newly added catalog item for a cost of 900 of the club's reward coins before they sell out.  Believe me; they wil sell out.  Quantities are limited and there is a high demand for these.  Note that Nintendo saw fit to add a disclaimer to the deal:

The gold controller will simply be gold in color and will not contain any actual precious metals.

So much for my plan to melt it down to create expensive objects of breathtaking wonder.  I'm kind of over the gold controller impulse at this point in my life.  When Nintendo Power offered a gold Nintendo 64 controller in a Mario Kart 64 contest back in 1997, I wanted that prize more than anything.  I trained hard to set an impressive time on the Mario Raceway per the contest requirements, but was foiled when I learned that the best times were going to those who exploited the shortcut cheat involved with hopping over a brick wall to cut massive amounts of time off of their results.  I could barely accomplish that once in a race let alone three times, so I gave up and let go of my golden dreams.  Now I can't tell if I'm disillusioned or just saving my coins for something better.  Still, despite my disinterest, I'd like to say that this is an impressive addition to the catalog and I know it will be popular.  Good job, Nintendo of America, for making it available.