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Amazon Holding Another Big Gaming Sale Today

Buy somethin' will ya!It's Tuesday near the end of the month so that must mean that it's time for another of Amazon's big Gold Box and Lightning Deal video game sales.  I know you know how this works by now: different games and accessories will be on sale for limited periods today.  The primary deal today is a PC bundle pack of Grand Theft Auto IV which includes the two downloadable expansions, The Lost and Damned plus The Ballad of Gay Tony, as well as Max Payne 3 for a mere $24.99.  That's a great deal if you still haven't explored this generation's take on Liberty City and you're shopping for some Payne.  Other items on sale today include a Sony PlayStation Vita memory card, Batman: Arkham City (presumably the Game of the Year edition), the PlayStation Move, NBA 2K12, and much more.  Remember that a portion of each purchase you make via the green link here goes to help support PTB, and I appreciate that support now more than ever.