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1996 Japanese Sneak Peek At Super Mario RPG Revealed

FamimagaUPDATE: More early screenshots including an appearance by Luigi!

Lots of us have fond memories of the Nintendo / Square collaboration that is Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars for the Super NES thanks to its fun story, charismatic stars, memorable enemies, and solid combat system, so there's definitely interest out there in taking a look at some pre-release screenshots from Famimaga magazine's February 1996 issue. Check out these scanned pages of the game in action and marvel at how much (and in some cases, how little) it changed before release. The essentials are already established and in place, but sharp-eyed fans of the game will recognize a few little changes here and there. There's some Japanese text in the article that undoubtedly explains the whole thing if you're able to read it, but I'm willing to settle for examining the images in the name of curiosity and bemused interest.

(Thanks Aaron!)