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Weekly Poll: StreetPass Serenader

Weekly Poll for 6-27-2012Most of you trust Nintendo develop and sell downloadable expansions at a fair cost.  I know I do.  While some might see that as a form of blind faith, I see it more as an extension of the fact that Nintendo has never outright cheated me or made me feel as if I'd been ripped off by one of their products, so they've earned my trust.  Now, what they do to maintain that trust is entirely up to them, but somehow I doubt that we'll see overpriced add-on missions that go nowhere or bonus playable characters held back for an extra inflated fee.  Nintendo has always done its own thing in the video game industry, and I'd like to believe that philosophy extends to the world of DLC.  We'll all find out together in the weeks and months ahead.

Moving on (and speaking of Nintendo), one of the core built-in features of the Nintendo 3DS is its StreetPass ability in which 3DSs that encounter one another in the wild exchange data that can be used for fun diversions such as collecting puzzle pieces to reveal a 3D picture or fueling the progress of a little RPG called Find Mii in addition to boosting traditional retail games like Super Mario 3D Land and Sonic Generations.  For StreetPass to work, however, one must take his or her 3DS out into the world and then walk near someone else doing the same.  How often do you collect new StreetPass tags?  Do you hit the limit of ten per session?  Are you happy if you collect a few each week?  Or do you hardly ever come within networking distance of another 3DS?  Let's hear your experiences.