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Rumored God Of War Saga Collection Surfaces

KratosUPDATE: Sony makes it official.

By my count there have been five God of War games released for the Sony PlayStation family of hardware with a sixth, God of War: Ascension, on the way.  The first two games in the series for the Sony PlayStation 2 were given a high definition upgrade in 2009 and released for the PlayStation 3 as God of War Collection.  Two PlayStation Portable titles, Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta, were also given the PS3 treatment under the name God of War Origins Collection in 2011.  2010's God of War III is available as a standalone PS3 title.  Every PlayStation game in the franchise is available for the PS3, so imagine my surprise when I read at Siliconera that Sony may be working on another compilation known as God of War Saga Collection that is slated for release in just a few weeks.  What's left for the company to repackage?

A retail mole has told Siliconera that God of War Saga Collection is in the works. No, this isn’t God of War Collection or God of War Origins Collection, this is yet another compilation of God of War games. What games are in this? We should find out soon since God of War Saga Collection is slated for a late August release.

This could be related to the God of War Omega Edition that popped up online earlier this year as a European release.  Sony loves to revisit Kratos's greatest hits, but I think it's time to give him a rest until his next new adventure is ready.  It seems reasonable that Saga Collection is a repackaging of most (if not all) of the God of War titles available for PS3 that are already on the market as part of other compilations or standalone releases.  I know that a quality God of War game takes time to develop and that the series brings in immense profits for everyone involved with it, but by the time we get to re-releases of re-released games, things become a bit ridiculous.  Maybe Sony will go above and beyond and include the mobile phone installment that nobody ever remembers, 2007's God of War: Betrayal, into the box in some form.  At least then there would be something comparatively new inside.  I don't like looking down on a product before it's even announced, but I just can't imagine what else could possibly be left in the God of War catalog to justify yet another compilation release.

Come to think of it, the only way this really makes sense to me is if it weren't a PS3 title at all, but something for the PlayStation Vita.  However, that's probably just wishful thinking.