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Rico Rodriguez Can't Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Sleeping DogsFans of 2009's Just Cause 2 who are planning to explore Square-Enix's Sleeping Dogs for the Sony PlayStation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360, and PC can expect to find a little something extra waiting for them when the game launches in August. Since the company publishes both titles, there's a little cross-promotional synergy going on as Dogs protagonist Wei Shen can wear the traditional chaos-causing clothes belonging to Cause's Rico Rodriguez. Joystiq has the press release. Here's a piece:

Available in-game from launch, players browsing protagonist Wei Shen's safehouse wardrobe will gain access to a unique new player outfit... a Just Cause 2 clothes set. Featuring Rico Rodriguez' trademark look, players stepping out onto the streets of Hong Kong dressed as the King of Chaos will gain a distinct boost to their action hijack ability, allowing them to perform stunt-style takeovers of enemy vehicles from an even greater distance.  This exclusive Just Cause 2 clothes set will be available in-game from launch across all formats upon detection of a Just Cause 2 game save on the machine's hard drive.

I love these kinds of bonuses that reward players for keeping old save data around.  Players are rewarded for being loyal customers and get to enjoy fun nods to other products in a publisher's library.  The Ratchet and Clank series if the king of this sort of thing as far as I'm concerned (Mass Effect does better, but I'm not a fan), as its bonuses carry forward all the way through several of the titles in that series and provide cheap access to powerful weaponry.  Rico's outfit falls short of that sort of usefulness, but anything that gives players a benefit for playing other games is just fine with me.  Now, what kind of game save will I need to have in order to unlock Rico's trusty grappling hook and parachute?