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EvilCast Recap - Episode 139

EvilCastMy pals over at the Games Are Evil's EvilCast asked me to sit in as a guest panelist for this week's episode of their show, so you'll find me joining Blake Grundman and Ross Polly to discuss four of the week's news items and outline what we've been playing in recent days.  You'll hear all about Zynga’s CEO being under investigation for insider trading allegations, how Windows 8 could be a ticking time bomb for PC gaming, Metacritic becoming a requirement for job applications, and the glut of pointless downloadable content.  We also cover our recent experiences with games like Need for Speed: The Run, Tony Hawk HD, and Spec Ops: The Line.  If you have an hour and forty minutes to spare, then we have the show for you.  You'll even find an update on upcoming plans for Power Button tucked away in there somewhere.  Head on over to GrE to download this episode.  Thanks to Blake and Ross as always for inviting me to join them.