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Robot Masters Are Ready To Rock

Dust ManLet the word go forth from this time and place that when it comes to boss battle themes of the late 1980s and early 1990s, nobody rocked quite like Capcom's beloved Mega Man series.  Every encounter with a Robot Master was always set to a frantic fighting song that turned two little 8-bit sprites shooting pellets at each other into a grand sweeping moment of combat, and even though the beeps of the Nintendo Entertainment System hardware did a great job of conveying the importance of the fight, time has marched on and we can do better.  Enjoy this medley of Robot Master fight themes from the original NES Mega Man titles from a rock-oriented remix album organized by Guilty Gear's Tohru Iwao commissioned by Capcom in 2007 for Japanese release that features the musical best of the Mega Man series themes reworked into truly rocking remixes (including themes from Cut Man, Shadow Man, Yamato Man, Dr. Wily's Skull Castle from Mega Man 2, and plenty more of your favorites).