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ŌkamiCapcom has plenty of niche franchises that are represented by very devoted fans, but it seems that Ōkami has one of the most passionate franchise fanbases who love to spread the word of the heroic Amaterasu's adventures.  The game originated as a Sony PlayStation 2 game back in 2006 by now-closed developer darling Clover Studio, then returned in 2008 for the Nintendo Wii.  Now it's coming back yet again, this time for the Sony PlayStation 3 as a downloadable title boasting PlayStation Move support.  Here's Game Informer with the news:

Capcom confirmed the game is coming to North America and Europe this fall for $19.99. It's available through PlayStation Network. This HD version includes PlayStation Move and trophy support.

Per Capcom: "Ōkami HD brings Amaterasu’s epic tale to the PS3 with fully integrated HD graphics and 16:9 aspect ratio. The trademark sumi-e ink art style lends itself perfectly to HD allowing players to experience more of the awe-inspiring world displayed in greater detail than ever before."

Back in 2009 in the early days of the Kombo Breaker podcast, we tried to spark interest in the audience by inviting everyone listening each week to play through the Wii version of Ōkami with us.  The "Let's play Ōkami" segment didn't last very long on the show, as making time to play the game each week was hard to justify when nobody out there seemed to have any interest in Ōkami.  I slogged through the first few hours of the game and I just wasn't sold on it.  It felt like homework and I wasn't sorry when we discontinued the segment.  I know that Ōkami has its fans, and I'm very glad that they enjoy the game and its vibrant world, but it's just not for me.  I don't blame Capcom for trying to get this game to hit one more time (third time's the charm?), but if it didn't catch fire on two of the biggest selling platforms at the height of their respective powers, what hope does it have now with motion controls for a peripheral that not many prospective Ōkami players own?  Good luck, Capcom, but call me when you revive Clover's Viewtiful Joe.