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Weekly Poll: The Long-Term Xbox 360 Commitment

Weekly Poll for 4-30-2012An overwhelming majority of you out there would prefer to buy your Nintendo 3DS games as physical boxed releases rather than through digital distribution.  I, too, love a good shelf packed with plastic cases.  I'm also not comfortable with Nintendo's restriction that purchased downloads are only tied to the original 3DS unit that was used to buy the game in question and not to a master user account.  I go along with that policy when buying Virtual Console games and other small titles like Pushmo because there is no other way to acquire that content, but given the choice between a cartridge and a download, I'll take a cartridge every time. 

Speaking of changes to traditional sales models, Microsoft has launched a pilot program through its own retail stores that offers the Xbox 360 and a Kinect for a low price of $99 up front, but buying the bundle at this price locks the buyer into a two-year contract that costs $15 per month.  Assuming you were in the market for a new Xbox 360, would this offer appeal to you?  Are you comfortable with installment plans?  Or would you rather buy the package in full and own it outright from the start?  Let's hear your thoughts.  For more on this issue, be sure to listen to Episode 80 of Power Button in which Brad Hilderbrand and I discuss the matter and how it stands to impact the future of digital entertainment.