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Weekly Poll: Annual Estimates

Weekly Poll for 5-14-2012A large majority of you out there do not rent video games at all, to which I ask: how do you sample games that you're generally unsure about buying?  I rely on GameFly's by-mail service to keep me going with games that I think I'd like but cannot justify purchasing and it's helped to make my gaming dollar last longer.  I like to keep current with the latest titles that pop up on my radar, but I'm not going to spend $60 on a questionable release when I can pay $15 per month for little taste tests.  Often times I keep what I rent, but I've also sent my share of duds back to the warehouse for the next poor soul to sample.  Now, if only I could rent downloadable games that never quite live up to promises or hype...

Moving on, we're coming up on gaming's annual holy week for announcements and news: the Electronic Entertainment Expo!  Which of the three major first-party publishers do you believe will have the best showing this year?  Will Microsoft wow everyone with new Kinect games?  Will Sony keep its PlayStation 3 output consistently enjoyable?  Is Nintendo set to blow us all away with a revitalized Wii U?  Let's hear your thoughts, hopes, and expectations.