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The Return Of Cave Johnson

Cave JohnsonValve's Portal 2 for the PC, Mac, Sony PlayStation 3, and Microsoft Xbox 360 had plenty of outstanding and memorable moments, but Aperture Science founder Cave Johnson's bizarre and insane ramblings were the highlight of the experience.  Cave's prerecorded presence was missing from the first Portal 2 downloadable expansion, but he's all over the latest PC DLC, the Perpetual Testing Initiative level editor package.  Here we have twenty-five minutes of new Cave Johnson announcements from the level editor expansion.  The twist?  Cave Johnson has hit the multiverse, providing us with a listen to a variety of Johnsons from parallel universes.  You'll hear from Cave Johnson the Hobo King, the Cave Johnson that invented the first half man / half robot police officer, the Cave Johnson that's fleeing an attack from the mantis men, a resurrected Cave Johnson who loves Ghostbusters, the Cave Johnson who is host to a tiny demon that lives in his mouth, the Cave Johnson who has bought rival Black Mesa, and many more.  Actor J.K. Simmons turns in another all-star performance that only proves that it's impossible to have too much Cave Johnson.