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Saints Row 4 Probably Coming Sooner Than We Expected

Professor GenkiConsidering that the Saints Row franchise is THQ's only profitable original property at this point, it's not a surprise that the financially imperiled publisher is eager to crank out as many profitable releases as it can.  Saints Row: The Third: Enter the Dominatrix is already confirmed for later this year as something of a Saints Row 3.5, and now Kotaku has word that one of the key artists for the franchise is already working on Saints Row 4 for the Sony PlayStation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360, and PC.

According to a Linkedin profile discovered by Superannuation, David "3DS Max" Payne has been doing art of the Saints Row series since the second game, including the recent smash hit Saints Row 3 and it's upcoming standalone expansion, Enter the Dominatrix. So whatever this Saints Row 4 he lists as a current project on his profile is, it's a new thing.

We all knew that Saints Row 4 was coming eventually, but I'm curious as to just when we'll see it.  Is THQ planning on following the Assassin's Creed model of annual release?  Is Dominatrix essentially Saints Row Brotherhood?  Will Saints Row 4 be an actual full sequel or more of a Saints Row Revelations?  Here's hoping that THQ stays in business long enough for us to find out.  I loved the action and crazy humor in the original Saints Row: The Third, so as long as the quality level stays consistent, I'm happy to buy yearly installments.  If the franchise falls into the trap of cranking out quickie cash-grab releases to punch up earnings reports, however, I'm out.