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Road to the MultiverseThe creative high point of Family Guy's eighth season has to be the "Road to the Multiverse" episode in which Brian and Stewie Griffin travel to a series of alternate realities in which, for instance, Japan won World War II, people are pets and dogs run the world, a guy far off in the distance offers compliments, and Meg Griffin is a hottie.  Despite offering all kinds of narrative potential, the story was over and done in twenty-two minutes.  Now it seems that the concept will be revived later this year as a new Family Guy video game for the Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 has been listed on Amazon.  Entitled Back to the Multiverse, I can't help but make an educated guess that the characters will go sliding through parallel universes in some sort of action/adventure romp.  Activision is listed as the publisher with a release date of September 25, 2012 in North America, but beyond that we'll just have to wait for a more official announcement.  I hope that the Family Guy writers and voice talent are back on board for this one.  While last generation's Family Guy game ended up being so-so, the creative staff brought its A-game to the effort.  I loved the multiverse concept (it's a long-running sci-fi trope, but it never ceases to be entertaining), so I have high hopes for this one despite that all we know at the moment is the title of the game.  If you missed the episode the first time around, it's definitely worth a watch.  You can see it on Netflix, Hulu Plus, iTunes, the PlayStation Store, and other places where FOX programming is found.

(via Joystiq)