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Asura Finds A Worthy Opponent In Street Fighter Crossover

Capcom's Asura's Wrath for the Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 faced some heavy criticism earlier this year when those who bought the game discovered that much of the storyline was held over for post-release paid downloadable content.  However, it looks like the company has come up with an intriguing hook to entice reluctant fans to spring for a little extra storyline.  The new Lost Episodes chronicle the events of Street Fighter's popular Ryu crossing over into Asura's domain for a friendly sparring match.  Of course, nothing about Asura is friendly, and it isn't long before the fight escalates and another famous Street Fighter character enters the fray as a tease for the next expansion.  Two dollars will get you all the Ryu you can handle in this fantastic tribute to Super Street Fighter IVShoryuken has recorded the first of the Lost Episodes for your viewing pleasure if, like me, all you want to do is watch and not necessarily play.