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Weekly Poll: The Blame Game

Weekly Poll for 4-16-2012Most of you have no idea what Qore is/was, and those of you who do won't miss it now that Sony has discontinued the monthly video magazine series.  I can't say that I'm sorry to see it go.  I was only a part of it for the downloadable free games and beta access, and only PlayStation Plus took over those roles, I lost interest.  Qore's interviews rarely revealed completely new information that wasn't already available elsewhere and were so heavily soaked in marketing objectives that they were usually more of a sales pitch than actual interesting content.  I believe that Qore was worth trying for Sony, but I agree that the time has come for it to end.

Changing subjects, last week Wired brought us an excerpt from the new Generation Xbox: How Video Games Invaded Hollywood in which the story behind the near-rise and total fall of Microsoft's planned Halo movie is detailed.  Depending on how you interpret the tale, either Microsoft or Hollywood come out as the villain when it comes to which side ultimately torpedoed the project over cost concerns.  Which side do you think is to blame?  Was Microsoft greedy with its demands?  Did Hollywood want more than its fair share?  Let's hear your thoughts.