Sony's Qore Is Qaput
Nintendo Plans E3 Reveal For New Wii U Super Mario Game

Weekly Poll: Qored

Weekly Poll for 4-09-2012A majority of you do not want to see Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog rebooted into an open world title that apes Activision's Skylanders collectible toy business model.  I'm right there with you for reasons that I explained when I initially tackled this rumor (and I stress again that it is a rumor that I brought to your attention just for the sake of conversation).  As I said previously, I have a difficult enough time as it is talking myself into buying digital game expansions, so there's no way that I'm paying even more money for actual physical objects that have extra costs associated with them.  Gaming franchises change and evolve, and if this is what Sega has to do to remain an ongoing operation than so be it, but I just don't see it being a product for me in that format. 

Speaking of properties that need to evolve or die, Sony has cancelled its ongoing PlayStation video magazine series Qore (and quite suddenly, it seems).  Will you miss the monthly interviews with developers about the latest releases?  Or did Qore never factor into your gaming-related infotainment?  Let's hear your thoughts.