Nintendo Embracing Digital Distribution For Retail Releases
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Weekly Poll: 3DS Special Digital Deliveries

Weekly Poll for 4-23-2012It always surprises me when one group with an awful lot of money attempts to team up with another group with an awful lot of money in an effort to make even more money and yet, in the end, nothing comes of it.  With all of the hypothetical money on the line, you'd think that Microsoft and Hollywood could have worked through their dealbreaking differences into order to make the Halo movie happen, and most of you out there lay the blame on the project's collapse on both sides of the productions.  I tend to side with Hollywood on this one.  I don't think that Hollywood is totally blameless, mind you, but Microsoft seems to have strutted into negotiations believing that it held all of the power thanks to the tremendous moneymaking potential that is the Halo franchise, and Hollywood just doesn't work that way.  It's bad form to walk into someone's house as a guest and start making excessive demands.  Hopefully someday the two can patch things up and try again.  While the Halo games do not interest me, I'd see a Halo movie if it were properly produced.

Moving on, Nintendo has announced that it will soon begin offering full retail games for the 3DS as a eShop downloads that are saved to internal memory in addition to the usual boxed retail package experience.  Which method would you prefer to use when you buy a 3DS title?  Are you aching to leave the days of plastic cases and tiny cartridges behind?  Or do you insist on physical media?  Let's hear your thoughts.