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Wouldn't it be great if Sony could take Nintendo's popular Super Smash Bros. franchise and put its own unique PlayStation spin on it?  That rumored Title Fight project from several months ago has evolved into an official announcement for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale for the PlayStation 3 in which famed characters from key Sony franchises such as Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal, Kratos from God of War, and the stars of the eponymous Parappa the Rappa and Fat Princess all come together to beat the stuffing out of one another.  Here's Omar Kendall of developer SuperBot Entertainment to comment on the upcoming release:

So what is PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale? First and foremost, it’s a celebration of a storied history of great characters and rich worlds brought together in one game. And for us, there’s no better way to celebrate than by creating an experience that players can sit around one screen and enjoy together. There are probably a few types of games that can be enjoyed by four players simultaneously, but for us at SuperBot, a brawler was the obvious choice for one really good reason: the developers here at SuperBot really like fighting games. We love playing them and we love making them. With PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, we set out to make an experience accessible enough for all PlayStation fans to enjoy while also creating something deep enough for the serious fighting game aficionado. We think this “accessible yet deep” strategy is the perfect way to bring PlayStation fans of all stripes together.

While Royale is clearing copying the Smash Bros. formula, I'm fine with that.  This looks like fun!  I can't wait to see what the team behind it can do.  There's an amazing opportunity here to create something special beyond the typical first-party tentpole release.  Expectations will be high and I'm sure there's a lot of pressure on SuperBot to get this right.  I do not think we'll walk away disappointed.