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Pilotwings Takes Flight With New OC Remix Album

Pilotwings: Take FlightThe OverClocked Remix community of musicians has struck again with an album of music based on Nintendo's beloved Pilotwings series of flight games.  Masterminded by Drew "halc" Wheeler with contributions from Benjamin Briggs, this collection of seven tracks takes the tunes of 1991's Pilotwings, 1996's Pilotwings 64, and 2011's Pilotwings Resort and reworks them into beepy chiptunes with a heavy dose of smoothness.  Better yet, it's a free download direct from OC Remix (MP3 and/or FLAC — your choice!).  All of your favorite aviation themes are there: light plane, skydiving, rocket belt, hang gliding, birdman, and more.  Strap on your trusty rocket belt, fly through some floating rings with careful accuracy, and check out this track from the album.  It's "9-bit Skies" based on the rocket belt theme from the original Super NES game.

"9-Bit Skies"