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New Super Mario Bros. 2

Nintendo promised a new traditional 2D Super Mario title for the Nintendo 3DS later this year, and now that promise has paid off with an announcement of the upcoming New Super Mario Bros. 2.  Due out in August, the new title looks to bring back another classic power-up from days gone by: the Super Leaf that gifts Mario with a raccoon tail, matching ears, and the power of flight.  Those of us with fond memories of Super Mario Bros. 3 (which, hopefully, is everyone) have to feel a bit excited at seeing Mario strike his first famous flight pose once again in a new format after more than twenty years.  I know I certainly am.  While I'm not getting the exact sequel that I wanted in a game called New Super Mario Bros. 2, I'm still very pleased with this announcement.  Whenever Mario shows up for more fun, you know I'll be there.