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Know Your Robot Masters With New Mega Man Field Guide

Mega Man Robot Master Field GuideDo you have difficulty telling a Wave Man and a Bubble Man apart?  What about an Air Man and a Wind Man?  How about an Elec Man and a Plug Man?  If you need to brush up on your Robot Master identification skills, then it's worth your while to look into the new Mega Man Robot Master Field Guide that offers artwork and brief biographies of all of Dr. Wily's killer creations (and then some) spanning the original Mega Man adventure through Mega Man 10 and everything in between.  The book hits stores today in most places in North America courtesy of UDON Entertainment (the same publisher that brought us other Mega Man artistic companion books including the fantastic Mega Man: Official Complete Works and Mega Man X: Official Complete Works).  There are a few sample pages at the UDON website for your perusal.  Capcom doesn't make renegade robots like these anymore.  No, seriously.  They don't.