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Club Nintendo Offering Polo Shirts In Japan

ShirtThe Japanese arm of Club Nintendo offers plenty of amazing stuff that we never have the chance to get in North America and beyond, and the latest example of Nintendo-branded items you most likely cannot easily acquire is the new line of polo shirts featuring famous franchise monograms.  Available in a variety of snappy colors for 550 coins each, the shirts feature little icons of Donkey Kong, the Triforce, a Fire Flower, Mr. Game And Watch, and more.  Kotaku sums it up:

You can select your size and even the color of the polo shirt. There are eight different colors and six different monograms available.  The offer lasts until this September, but honestly, this is something Nintendo should keep on doing. Official Nintendo polo shirts? I'm so there.

If Nintendo exports this offering aboard or does a second wave of shirts, there are a few icons that are conspicuously missing.  I'd like to suggest the addition of Mario's trademark red-and-white M, the Star Fox logo (the winged fox team logo, not the logo of any particular game), a Maxim Tomato from the world of Kirby, Samus Aran's signature stylized S insignia, and a Yoshi egg.  Variety is the spice of life!