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Rock Band 3 Calibration Assistance Needed

Rock Band 3After searching for a used Rock Band drum set in solid condition for the Sony PlayStation 3 version of Rock Band 3, my girlfriend and I finally found one.  Combined with my microphone and keyboard, we're ready to rock!  Well, except for one minor problem: the system calibration is way, way off.  We cannot get the video and audio to line up properly with the drum beats.  How on earth do we properly calibrate the game?  We've tried the manual calibration in which we have to strike the drum pad in time to a beat and I've tried tinkering with manually entering calibration numbers, but we just can't get either to work.  Automatic calibration is not an option, as we do not have (nor have any interest in getting) a guitar.  So, little help?  How do we do this?  There's a million faces out there in the virtual crowd and we want to rock them all.