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Johnny Gat Returns In Saints Row: The Third DLC

Tragically, the Third Street Saints lost one of their own in THQ's Saints Row: The Third for the Sony PlayStation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360, and PC.  Beloved sociopath Johnny Gat was brutally murdered by a rival criminal syndicate early in the story, but since his death occured offscreen, many characters (and fans) refuse to believe that Gat is truly gone.  Developer Volition has finished work on the next downloadable episodic installment of missions for The Third, and this new addition brings Gat back into the fold.  Check out this trailer for "The Trouble With Clones" in which a devoted Saints fan clones Johnny Gat, but in the tradition of horrifying sci-fi tropes, Gat comes back wrong and it's up to the leader of the Saints to take him down.  "The Trouble With Clones" is available today for $6.99 or is included in the game's Season Pass option.  Here's hoping that "Clones" offers something more substantial than the previous DLC, "Gangstas In Space", which was a fun romp but ultimately too short.  I've enjoyed all of the DLC, really, but since I completed the game before playing any of it, all of the new weapons and abilities that the expansions bring to the experience are wasted on me since I can't really use them for anything now that all of the objectives are complete.  I really wish that The Third offered a true New Game Plus option.  I'd love to tear through Steelport again from the start with all (or at least most) of my upgrades available.