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Weekly Poll: Here Comes Vita

Weekly Poll for 2-06-2012Most of you are not interested a realistic reboot of Naughty Dog's Jak and Daxter franchise, so it's for the best that the project is no longer happening.  There is a bit of interest in possibly supporting such a thing if it were handled properly, but I think we need to let the animated character remain animated.  So many fun, colorful games have crossed the line to try and be dark, gritty, and serious, but it never quite works out in the end.  I wouldn't want to see Jak and Daxter in a realistic style any more than I'd encourage the next Uncharted to become a sparkly anime adventure.  Experiments in visual style can bring something fresh to a well-worn franchise (see what Kirby's Epic Yarn accomplished, for instance), but the resulting apple shouldn't fall too far from the established tree.

Speaking of new and uncertain things, Sony is sending its PlayStation Vita out into North America and the European/Australian regions in the days ahead.  Will you buy a Vita at launch?  Have you had a preorder in place for months?  Are you just going to walk up to a store counter and ask for one on a whim? Are you waiting to see how the system performs in the weeks and months ahead before making a commitment?  Or are you totally disinterested in it altogether?  Let's hear your thoughts.