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Weekly Poll: Fool Me Many Times

Weekly Poll for 2-13-2012An overwhelming majority of you are not buying a Sony PlayStation Vita at launch.  I'm passing for now as well.  I've been over my reasons several times over the past few weeks, so instead of explaining again how I feel that the hidden costs are a dealbreaker, I'll share a quick story.  My girlfriend and I were out at the mall over the weekend and while browsing around a GameStop, I picked up the demo unit to see what was installed on it.  The Vita had been in my hands for less than ten seconds when the clerk behind the counter immediately started the hard sell, urging that I buy a system bundle because they only had seven left.  Now of course GameStop employees are going to push the system, but I can't remember ever being aggressively pushed to buy anything from the chain like the Vita.  There was a desperation in the clerk's voice mixed in with the forced enthusiasm.  I can't be the only PlayStation fan sitting out the Vita for now, and I'm very curious to see some sales numbers on all of this stuff next month.

Moving on, last week we were able to see a fresh look at Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II.  The previous episode of the sequel didn't please as many Sonic fans as Sega expected, and it would seem that Episode II has learned from some of the last installment's visual mistakes.  Are you willing to take a chance on Episode II?  Let's hear your thoughts.