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Unlicensed Mario And Luigi Appearance #2312


While Mario and Luigi belong to Nintendo, they sure do get around.  We've seen the pair of plumbers serving us unauthorized mascots for all kinds of non-Nintendo commercial services over the years, and now my girlfriend has spotted one instance in the wild while traveling around.  Seen in the parking lot of a Chinese restaurant, here we find the duo representing Luigi Lagrange Construction.  Mario comes to us from the artwork from the Paper Mario series (note how his hat sports the L of his brother rather than his own M) and, in a horrible clash of style, Luigi represents the Mario & Luigi series.  If you're going to "borrow" famous characters to serve as your own mascots, at least keep the art style consistent between them.  Personally, I'd suggest ditching Mario altogether here and drawing on some Luigi imagery from the Mario Party series.  Nintendo has created some great character art of him in all kinds of at-work poses to promote those games.  Just a thought (and don't tell Nintendo's lawyers!).