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Strider And Streets Of Rage Almost Returned

Streets Of RageThere's a lot of retro love out there for Capcom's Strider and Sega's Street of Rage franchises, but both of those series have been buried and forgotten for quite a while outside of Virtual Console-type re-releases.  As Eurogamer reports, both of them almost returned in modern reboots for the Sony PlayStation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360, and PC courtesy of now-defunct developer Grin, but since nobody else bought Bionic Commando back in 2009, both projects were scuttled and the studio closed.  This is why we can't have nice things!  Sorry; I got up on my soapbox there for a moment.  Anyway, here's Eurogamer:

Grin Barcelona helped with Strider, developing assets for the first prototype of the game. The art team made the teaser video, below, with the help of animation studio 23Lunes. Strider was to be a reboot similar to PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 Bionic Commando reboot Grin made for Capcom for release in 2009.  The Strider reboot was apparently cancelled by Capcom a few weeks after the May 2009 release of Bionic Commando. Grin Barcelona, however, soldiered on, trying to build a prototype based on its work without the Strider license. It pitched the project to Ubisoft, but that deal fell through.

After that setback, Grin Barcelona set upon a remake of Streets of Rage, to be published by Sega. It was intended to be similar to Grin's own Bionic Commando Rearmed, and released as a download-only title. Work on this game didn't last long, however. Only a handful of screenshots and art, below, were unearthed, but apparently a build of the game exists somewhere.

It's a shame that Grin wasn't able to complete either title.  My thoughts on the wonderful Bionic Commando are well established by now, so I'd have loved to have seen what the talented folks there could have done with other forgotten franchises like Strider and Streets of Rage.  File these away under lost opportunities and What Could Have Been.  I'd still like to believe that both properties could return someday when talented studios can crack what makes each title so much fun.  Grin understood that Bionic Commando was all about the bionic arm.  Someone has to be able to crack the Strider and Streets of Rage codes in a similar manner.