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Resident EvilWith all of the Resident Evil games scheduled to release this year, why not add one more to the stack?  While the original Resident Evil scored big on the Sony PlayStation, Capcom had interest in taking the property to other platforms.  We've seen remakes and ports of the game for the Sega Saturn, Windows, Nintendo GameCube, and more, but one iteration of the game that was lost in the shuffle is the Game Boy Color.  Created by HotGen, this scaled-down version of the PS1 classic reached the 90% complete point before Capcom shelved the project.  The dead game has been reanimated now, however, thanks to an anonymous collector and a bunch of Resident Evil fans that all kicked in the money needed to pay the collector's price.  Two near-complete versions of the GBC game are now floating around out there in the murky digital underground.  Take a look at the game in action if emulation isn't your style:

Judging the game based on appearances, I think Capcom made the correct decision to terminate development.  This version of Resident Evil comes across as more of a "because we can" indie art project more than an actual Capcom-sponsored production.  Turning PS1 and Nintendo 64 games of the era into Game Boy Color titles was something of a fad at the time (consider the handheld versions of Metal Gear Solid and Perfect Dark, for instance) and the end results were never pretty.  While I'm glad to see a little lost piece of Resident Evil history resurface, I don't think we missed out on anything major when this project was cancelled.