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Weekly Poll: Here Comes 2012

Weekly Poll for 12-27-2011Most of you out there received some of the video games that you wanted as holiday gifts.  I did well as I said last week with three new Nintendo 3DS titles and a gift card for the PlayStation Network.  I haven't decided what to spend that on yet.  I may just bank that for a bit and wait for something special to come along.  It seems irresponsible to waste it on overpriced, undervalued downloadable content.  I'm patient.  Something special will come along before too long.  I also spent some other gift credit on Saints Row: The Third, so I'm sure to be busy for a while.

Looking ahead to the new year that's spreading out before us, 2012 promises another banner year of top-tier video game releases.  Which big release are you anticipating the most?  Are you amped for the next Assassin's Creed sequel?  Is BioShock Infinite dancing in your dreams?  Is your body ready for Kid Icarus: Uprising?  Have you been waiting patiently for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance?  What of Mass Effect 3?  Perhaps something else entirely consumes your gaming daydreams right now.  Let's hear your thoughts as you start planning your purchases and acquisitions for the year.