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Weekly Poll: Four's A Crowd

Weekly Poll for 1-17-2011Most of you have no intention of ever buying a Season Pass for video game downloadable content.  As for me, I have purchased a few of them.  I'm open to buying more down the line if I trust the publisher behind them, think the asking price is fair, and plan to play the game in question a lot.  I sprang for the extra cases for L.A. Noire (that I still haven't finished, for shame) and the upcoming extra missions for Saints Row: The Third.  I felt that the L.A. Noire content was fairly priced when purchased in bulk ($10) considering all of the extra material that was provided.  I took a chance on the $20 Saints Row pass since none of its expansions were available when I bought it.  That'll get me three mission packs and one costume pack, incidentally (and while I like to think I'm above such things, the Nyte Blaye costume pack did include an awesome car).  Maybe when it's all over I'll feel that I've overpaid, but I bought it with a gift card, so it didn't actually cost me any cash out of pocket and so far I am enjoing the extra content that is available.  It was a gamble, but I'm feeling lucky. 

Moving on, my girlfriend and I have been enjoying platformer titles that offer cooperative multiplayer fun.  We hit New Super Mario Bros. Wii a while ago and just recently finished Ratchet & Clank: All 4 OneKirby's Return To Dreamland is coming next, and then after that is Rayman: Origins.  I think we tried LittleBigPlanet in there too at some point.  Which multiplayer cooperative platformer title in recent memory is your favorite?  Let's hear your thoughts.