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Weekly Poll: A Pass For All Seasons

Weekly Poll for 1-17-2012Most of you would attend The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses tour if the traveling concert were coming anywhere near you.  New dates will supposedly be announced over the course of the year, so don't give up hope just yet!  As for the lucky 12.9% of us who will be attending, we promise not to brag about the greatness of the show.  Too much.  My girlfriend and I will be going to a performance over the summer as are my pal and podcast co-host Joey Davidson and his wife not long after.  I predict a Zelda symphony episode of the Power Button podcast in our collective futures. 

Speaking of Power Button, we discussed the season pass concept of bundling future downloadable content at a discount provided one prepays for it back on Episode 61.  Now that some time has passed since the widescale introduction of the season pass business model, it seems like a good time to ask all of you if you've ever purchased one.  How many season passes have you bought?  Just one?  More than one?  Are you still waiting for the right deal to come along?  Or are you completely opposed to the idea?  Let's hear your thoughts.