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New Doctor Who Game Is Side-Scrolling Action Title

Ever since the announcement of Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock for the Sony PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and PC last year, we've all wondered what kind of game The Doctor will be starring in and when it will be released.  Today's new trailer answers both of those questions.  It's a side-scrolling action platformer and it's due out in March 2012.  Plus, we also have our first looks at in-motion River Song and a collection of enemies including the Silurians, the Cybermen, the Silence, and, of course, the Daleks.  Hopefully The Eternity Clock will live up to expectations, but for now you have to agree that it makes for an exciting trailer.  The PlayStation Blog has more information courtesy of Simon Harris of BBC Worldwide in which he discusses how the creative team at developer Supermassive Games chose which monsters it wanted to include in the story and how those monsters were tweaked slightly.  It sounds like the Doctor Who property is in good hands here and I'm optimistic about the final product.