The Games Of 2011 That Should Have Waited Until 2012
Power Button - Episode 73: Big Games For 2012

Annual EvilCast Outtakes Special Features Special Guest

EvilCastThe start of another year means that it's time for the EvilCast crew over at Games Are Evil to produce their annual special episode composed of outtakes, bloopers, and material from the cutting room floor for the past year's worth of podcasts.  Last year the Power Button crew turned up on the special as a result of our crossover podcast episode, and this year's special features me from the week of E3 2011 when I teamed up with the GrE crew for coverage.  You really should listen to the whole special, but if you're short on time, I turn up around the 42:05 mark for a few minutes worth of sleep-deprived commentary and uproarious laughter.  This special features the origin of the hilarious in-joke "Why don't you just turn into a gun and shoot yourself?" which, out of context, maybe you had to be there to fully appreciate.  All I know is that I cracked up laughing at it all over again when I listened.  Head over to GrE and check it out.