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Weekly Poll: Varying Definitions Of Important

Weekly Poll for 11-29-2011The Russian Revolution is the preferred setting of the next Assassin's Creed title with secondary honors going to Ancient Rome and Victorian England.  I had to go with the Russian Revolution as well, as there are many fantastic opportunities to integrate the franchise's ongoing tales of Templar corruption and manipulation with real-life historical events.  As much as I think that the American Revolution is an intriguing backdrop as well, what turns me off of it is the lack of amazing architecture worth climbing around compared to Renaissance Italy or any of its related settings.  Ezio Auditore had some spectacular structures to leap to and from.  What would a 1776-era Assassin have to climb?  A log cabin?  Short of setting the game in a major city such as Philadelphia or fledgling New York City, I can't imagine much in the way of sprawling settlements to explore.  I can also see value in scaling the forts of St. Augustine, Florida in a Spanish/American conflict.  China is a possibility considering the new character introduced in the Ezio epilogue Assassin's Creed: Embers, although supposed protagonist Desmond Miles's connection to such a place would remain to be seen.  We talked about this idea on Episode 70 of Power Button if you'd like to hear more speculation and wish-listing.

Moving on to something more immediate, Spike is airing the 2011 Video Game Awards this coming weekend here in the United States.  While it might seem that the VGAs want to be a companion piece to the Academy Awards or Emmy Awards for honoring excellence in film or television respectively, the VGAs are typically overdone affairs with embarrassing attempts at humor that play to a stereotypical lowbrow audience.  Votes for top VGA honors are often cast for games that are not even available in stores yet.  Do the VGAs mean anything to you?  Are you waiting on pins and needles to see which games win big this year?  Will you watch at all?  Or could you not care less about the whole thing?  Let's hear your thoughts.  If you'd like to have your say outside of a text box, feel free to call the Power Button hotline at (720) 722-2781 and leave a voicemail message detailing your opinion.  We'll talk about the VGAs and discuss this question on the next episode of the podcast, and in the process we'll play back some of the messages and comment on them in our usual style.