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Hyrule HistoriaI've said on several occasions that Nintendo needs to follow in Capcom's footsteps and release art books featuring illustrations, promotional pieces, and concept works for their famous franchises just as we've seen for books like Mega Man: Official Complete Works.  Now Kotaku reports that the company is working on such a project as part of The Legend of Zelda's twenty-fifth anniversary.  Hyrule Historia is coming, although only to Japan.

Called Hyrule Historia, it's 274 pages of concept and promotional art from throughout the series, while also including historical info on the characters and the games they've starred in.  So far only Japanese language and release details are known, the book is due out on Dec. 21 and priced at ¥3255 (USD$41).

I know that there is no shortage of fan demands being tossed at Nintendo these days, but the company really needs to get this book translated and released outside of Japan.  It would sell very well amongst the Nintendo faithful, I'm sure.  Get it into traditional retail markets, sell it as an online exclusive, even make it a Club Nintendo reward... whatever it takes!  Add it to your lengthy to-do list, Nintendo.  Link's fans are waiting anxiously with cash in hand.