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Dancing MarioI loved the 2005 Nintendo / Konami co-production of Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix in which everyone's favorite Mushroom Kingdom denizens came together to dance, dance, dance to awesomely amazing remixed Super Mario tunes.  I've been hoping for years that the two companies would get the band back together and create a sequel (first for GameCube, then for Wii), but it seems that Mario has boogied his way over to another dancing franchise.  DDR is so yesterday's news, it seems.  Just Dance is where it's at now.  Ubisoft has borrowed the iconic plumber to guest star in the new Just Dance 3.  While Konami's version of dancin' Mario gave us colorful, whimsical settings and a rocking soundtrack, Ubisoft gives us... this:

When I wanted to see Mario dance again, this is not at all what I had in mind.  As Hank Hill once said, this is like when you get a wish from a genie but you ask for it in slightly the wrong way and wind up with a solid gold head or something.  The Mario add-on for the Wii version of Just Dance 3 is downloadable content and costs 250 Wii Points.