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Extra Levels Cut From Rereleased Sonic CD

Desert DazzleSega's recently released remake of Sonic CD is turning some heads due to how well-done it is, but like any captivating game, it's hiding a few secrets.  Specifically, two additional levels were planned to be included in the new version of the game, but were cut towards the end of development.  All that remains is a secret unlockable screenshot of one of the lost zones.  Here's developer Christian Whitehead discussing what happened to the now-lost Desert Dazzle and Final Fever areas:

Basically, earlier on in the remake's development there were 2 new levels: Desert Dazzle & Final Fever (another boss).  Neither level was fully complete, and we had to make the call whether or not to go ahead and finalize them. Sonic Team felt the game should not deviate too far from it's original form, and in retrospect it was for the best since we had a lot of other work to do anyway.

It's understandable why Sonic Team wanted the game to remain true to its roots, but personally I think that there is no harm in introducing a few new elements.  After all, the remake already includes Tails as a playable character and a revised spin dash maneuver that matches up with Sonic's trademark attack from Sonic the Hedgehog 2.  What's one or two more changes?  If Sonic Team is so concerned about maintaining the integrity of the original game, why not make the extra levels optional via the options screen?  Y'know, the more I think about it, the more I realize that while these new zones were cut from this initial release, the great thing about downloadable games is that it's always possible to update them with new content...