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Bionic CommandoCapcom isn't resting on its eShop laurels, as the company is bringing the 1992 Game Boy version of Bionic Commando to the Nintendo 3DS's Virtual Console offerings.  While the Nintendo Entertainment System version of the game is the most well-known from that era, the Game Boy version builds on that iteration as a more polished product.  The story is approximately the same, but with a few minor changes: Radd Spencer is sent to rescue Super Joe who has been captured by the Doraize Army as part of their plan to launch the Albatross weapon under the direction of Director Wiseman.  The military trappings of the NES version are replaced with a more sci-fi bent, meaning that while the song may sound familiar, the words are a bit different.  It's a fun game and not to be missed when it lands on the eShop on December 29, 2011.  Now, what would it take to get the original NES game reworked into a 3D Classic?