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2011 Box Art Walk Of Shame

Aladdin Magic RacerIt just wouldn't be the end of the year without a fresh installment of GamesRadar's annual feature in which the year's worst video game box art is trotted out and mocked openly for the ill-advised collection of clip art and off model sketches that they truly are.  This year's class isn't as hilarious as what we've seen in previous years, but there's still plenty of material worth cringing over.  Prepare yourself for disturbed farm animals that know what you did last summer, Aladdin with a rockin' modern makeover (and his magic lamp is a teapot!), rednecks wearing kicky berets, Duke Nukem's hideous vascular swelling, a guy wearing a hoodie that breaks all the Kinect rules, large-headed racers trapped in a 1990s world of spiky-haired attitude, and much more.  You'll even find a few big name titles like Battlefield 3 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record on the list.  Can you handle these thirty-five images that prove that some publishers lack shame and/or artistic talent?   On the bright side, CGI gummy bears did not make an appearance on this year's list, so perhaps things are looking up overall.