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Workboy Wanted To Change Everything

WorkboyWhile Nintendo's beloved Game Boy redefined handheld gaming, other companies looked to turn Nintendo's entertainment device into a productivity gizmo.  InfoGenius had a line of organizer, spell check, travel guide, and other assorted game paks for the system that turned it into a semi-inconvenient pre-PDA, but it was Fabtek that wanted to go the extra mile and turn the Game Boy into a proper mobile workstation.  Behold the Workboy!  This never-released peripheral added a keyboard and stand to the Game Boy experience in order to allow users to enjoy functions such as a clock, day planner, temperature converter, a calendar, and a currency converter all for a cost of about $80!  How's that for amazement circa 1990?  Here's a scan from Nintendo Power that lauded the upcoming-yet-unrealized product.

AssemblerGames has an additional article that details an even-more-unreleased Workboy 2 that would have included a word processor tool.  Mindboggling!  As intriguing as the idea may be, I can't imagine the Workboy becoming a stellar success.  Despite a breakthrough across age brackets with Tetris, the Game Boy was largely seen as a childrens' toy during the Work Boy's envisioned heyday.  Most kids don't have a need for a currency converter or a day planner.  In a way though, it's kind of a shame.  Workboy was truly ahead of its time considering the ubiquitousness of today's smartphones with their many productivity apps.