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Weekly Poll: The Best Of All Drakes

Weekly Poll for 11-14-2011The modern incarnation of Sonic the Hedgehog just barely squeeks ahead of his classic variation when it comes to Sega's Sonic Generations.  For as much as I enjoyed Classic Sonic's levels in this game, I have to admit that I favored Modern Sonic.  That was a shocking realization for me.  Part of that comes from the better level designs created for the latter Sonic to run through this time around.  Something about it all clicked with me in ways I didn't expect, and I found it easier to maintain momentum with Modern Sonic.  I still had fun with Classic Sonic and I hope that we see him again, but for what it's worth, I spend more time replaying levels with Modern Sonic than with Classic.  Trust me, I'm just as shocked as you are.

Speaking of controversies, on the most recent episode of the Power Button podcast, Joey Davidson, Brad Hilderbrand, and I went around and around on Naughty Dog's Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception.  In the end, we were disappointed with it compared to the heights that the previous game, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, set.  You'll have to listen to Episode 69 to hear all of the justification, but we came away with the agreement that the franchise's first sequel is better than its second.  What do you think?  Which is your favorite Uncharted title?  Let's hear your thoughts.