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Uncharted 3Ever since the release of Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception for the Sony PlayStation 3, many players have noticed that there's something off about the aiming functions when it comes to pointing weapons at enemies.  There's something about it that just feels wrong compared to the last game in the series, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.  Basically, the recoil rate has been cranked up, enemies move differently in response to incoming fire, and the targeting has changed.  If you have a finely honed set of Uncharted 2 skills, then you may be at a disadvantage when it comes to playing Uncharted 3.  The fans spoke out, and now developer Naughty Dog is going to fix the problem.  Here's Giant Bomb to explain how:

Both Naughty Dog and Naughty Dog’s fans were banging their heads against the wall at this point. Meyer threw out the idea of bringing some fans into the actual studio to better articulate the issue, but the idea came and went.“  Justin came by later and said ‘Well, can you do that?’ And I’m like ‘sure.’” he said. “So, I posted on the NeoGAF forum where people were going through it in a very eloquent fashion, really explaining their gripes very clearly, and I said ‘Well, is anyone local that can come in and explain it to us?’”

Two users showed up, each bringing with them another person also versed in Uncharted, and all four were members of NeoGAF. Everyone sat down with Richmond and McIntosh, and plead their case regarding the issues within Uncharted 3 with the very same people responsible for making them.

In order to make sure Naughty Dog was getting the right feedback, the team employed a variation of the Pepsi Challenge.  “We showed them a before and after without telling them which one was changed to see how they liked these alternate settings that our programmer had come up with,” said Meyer. “As part of that process, we iterated on what the feedback was and we were making changes on the fly, and changing different things from what we originally changed to get the right feel for the aiming.”

There's an Uncharted 3 patch in the works that will add a new "Uncharted 2 aiming mode" option for those who want to fall back on the way things used to be.  We talked about this aiming issue on Episode 69 of Power Button, and for many people, the new way of doing things was a complete put-off to the point that some are not even finishing the game and are walking away in frustration.  Here's hoping that the to-be-dated patch fixes the problem and encourages people to come back and give the game another chance.  I had issues with it as well, but I did finish it and found the story to be worth the trouble.  Those final three chapters are some of the best moments that the Uncharted series has to offer.  Kudos to Naughty Dog for listening to the community and not just brushing off the complaints as the usual angry Internet negativity.