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Jak And DaxterNaughty Dog's big franchise prior to Uncharted and following Crash Bandicoot has to be the Jak & Daxter series from the Sony PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable days.  Can you believe that the tenth anniversary of the original Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy is next month?  Has it really been that long?  Surely a game this old from the PS2 era is due for a modernized high definition PlayStation 3 remake compilation treatment in the spirit of God of War Collection and The Sly CollectionIGN confirms word from Sony that such a collection is on the way for 2012 that packs the first three Jak & Daxter titles together as Jak & Daxter Collection.

Sony Computer Entertainment America has responded to our request for a statement, confirming that the Jak & Daxter Trilogy -- referred to by SCEA as Jak & Daxter Collection -- is indeed real.  What did SCEA have to say? "We can confirm the Jak and Daxter Collection is coming and will have more news to share shortly."

I've largely missed out on the Jak & Daxter series.  Jak II was the first PS2 game that I bought, while Daxter was packed in with the used PSP I picked up several years ago.  I'm told that neither game is really the best way to get into the franchise.  I'm glad to give the upcoming collection a try just to keep up on my gaming lore and see why everyone has told me I need to play the first game in the series.  Now all we need is a Ratchet and Clank collection...