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Second Saints Row Comes Free With Third Saints Row On Third PlayStation

Saints Row 2Here's a nice bonus for you: THQ has announced that anyone who buys a new copy of Saints Row: The Third for the Sony PlayStation 3 and activates the online pass in the box prior to February 13, 2012 can download the game's predecessor, Saints Row 2, via the PlayStation Store at no charge (a $20 value).  Not a bad deal at all!  1UP has the news.

During Sony's E3 press conference in June, it was announced that an exclusive mode of some sort would be included in the PS3 version of The Third. It was reported yesterday that the promised bonus appeared to be missing; the console versions of the game seem to be identical and THQ wasn't willing to comment on the situation.

That changed today as THQ announced the bonus gamers would be getting is actually a free copy of the digital version of Saints Row 2. To get it you'll need to redeem the online pass code included with new copies of The Third within 90 days of the game's release (by midnight on February 13, 2012).

I haven't played the new Saints Row yet, but the last one was more fun than I'd expected.  I rented it over the holidays in 2009 and became hooked on its "Grand Theft Auto without limits" sensibilities.  Hall & Oates and a-Ha on the soundtrack certainly helped, too.  While I've heard plenty of good things about The Third, don't overlook the free Saints Row 2.  It's definitely worth your time.