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Front (Legend) [Lisa Coffman]Nintendo isn't the only organization celebrating the twenty-fifth anniversary of The Legend of Zelda with a new release this year.  OverClocked Remix has produced yet another of its free fantastic rearrangement albums, this time focusing on the Zelda series.  25YEARLEGEND brings together composers from across the indie gaming scene such as Laura Shigihara, Joshua Morse, Jeff Ball, Daniel Rosenfeld, and Jimmy Hinson in a collection of eighteen tracks marking memorable music from most every one of Link's adventures.

25YEARLEGEND was started by Rekcahdam as a small indie session, but quickly grew into a massive project with the help of all the indie artists involved. Each featured composer has worked on a notable project in the indie game community while being influenced by the music of Zelda some time in their lives. Hopefully this project will make the 25th anniversary of Zelda that much more enjoyable.

The album is available for download from the project's site.  As usual when it comes to OCRemix, there's some great work here that deserves some attention.  A Link to the Past and Ocarina of Time make up most of the arrangements as you'd probably assume, but there's also some love given to Oracle of Seasons, Majora's Mask, Link's Awakening, Twilight Princess, Adventure of Link, Wind Waker, and the recently released Skyward Sword.  Definitely give this one a listen.  Here's the condensed preview from OCRemix for your sampling pleasure (which, honestly, doesn't do the album justice), but I'd rather share one of my favorite complete tracks from the album rather than just the preview video.  Combining themes from Wind Waker and Ocarina of Time, here's HyperDuck Soundworks with "Hoy, Small Fry!".

HyperDuck Soundworks - "Hoy, Small Fry!"