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New Gremlins Game Announced For Wii, DS

Gremlins GizmoI said a few years ago that when it comes to beloved 1980s properties, I really wanted to see worthwhile games based on Ghostbusters, Back to the Future, and Gremlins. The first two have been handled since then thanks to Terminal Reality and Telltale Games respectively, and now GamePro has the news that a new Gremlins video game starring Gizmo is headed to the Nintendo Wii and DS soon. How soon? Later this week. So what's the game about?

Set to release this Friday, November 18, Gremlins Gizmo allows players to interact and play with the series' iconic mogwai, Gizmo, or one of his Furby-esque friends in a variety of mini-games.

Oh. Yeah, that's not quite what I had in mind. Come to think of it, back at E3 earlier this year I saw a Gremlins game on display that involved making mogwai dance in a very mini-game type of presentation. Seeing it in action made my soul depressingly weep. Could this be that game? Either way, Gremlins deserves more than a mini-game. Gizmo and his dark spawn deserve a proper adventure game from Telltale or a flashy action game for a high definition home console. Interacting exclusively through mini-games isn't exactly my idea of a good time. Something tells me that Gremlins Gizmo will never spend any time in the spotlight, but considering that mogwais hate bright light, I suppose that's only appropriate.